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Enfield Party Music DJ

Image of people at a partyA good Party DJ will be able to play the music to match both the audience and the type of occasion. Some of the parties we do are themed to include mostly one type of music i.e. a current chart music for teenagers, or a retro night party with only 80's music etc. But for a general party, with people of mixed ages its worth considering good party music is not necessarily the same as good music. For example many people would list classical music or opera as their favorite music, however this will never fill a disco dance floor. Likewise few people would ever listen to a tune like Y.M.C.A or a party dance like the Macerana at home, but at many parties these are must play records. This is because in a party situation most people relax into a collective sprit of goodwill and think "its a party, lets have a laugh and join in". Good party music is not the same as good music. That said if the DJ goes over the top and plays too many cheesy tunes it becomes very stale very quickly.

If its a Family party with a wide range of ages the DJ must find the right music balance. For a family party, if the DJ thinks "lets play all the golden oldies now when it doesn't matter, and then stick on some club tunes to liven things up later" its likely the evening will be a flop. By playing all the golden oldies first, the people who would prefer this type of music will probably not yet be in the party mood and will still be having a bit of a chat etc. Also at the same time the people who would prefer the club stuff will be thinking "this DJ is rubbish" and they may even loose confidence and go home early. The DJ should be aiming to create group cohesion that will encourage everyone to join in, once the party has warmed up. Hitting the right balance takes experience and this experience can only come with time and making lots of mistakes.

During the average party there will be time for only about 70 tunes, so there is no room for error. Finding the right blend can be very tricky and takes experience. Every DJ will be aware of a current sure fire floor filling track guaranteed to work, the problem is once this is played what happens next. Apart from great Mobile disco equipment the music collection is the most important tool of the DJ trade. The key to being a good DJ is to have a vast music collection which includes all the top pop from past and present charts, and to know what works best on the dance floor for each occasion.

Current Chart Music DJ

A good DJ will have all the current chart tunes, and if it is a party of mixed ages its worth using a lot of the less danceable stuff early on. People that are not keen on chart music won't really notice or care what's played at this point but it will show others you have a variety of music that is likely to include their favorites. Playing some popular current tunes early gives party goers of all ages confidence its going to be a great night. However its best to keep some top tunes for when the party really gets going. We cant list what the best current charts hits are as websites don't get updated as fast as the Charts change so anything current right now (Jan 2017) will very soon be out of date.

Golden oldies

This is a naff expression for some great music eg 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's old skool etc.When choosing what to play it helps to know the difference between which tunes are great to dance to and which tunes are great to listen to. In a mixed aged party, its a good idea to play the listen to tracks at the start of the evening along with the less danceable chart music and save the best dance tracks for later. This way you can mix the latest, with the greatest floor filling party tracks. If its a family party such as a wedding anniversary or birthday party then a mix of current music and the classic hits from the past is what we aim for.

Party Dance DJ

Its a party not a musical appreciation society so opera and anything classical is a non starter. A party requires an up tempo music mix that every knows and everyone can dance to. Using a balance of old and new popular music will help to create the feeling of collective goodwill mentioned earlier. At this point people will bond together and put aside their own personal preferences and usually join in the fun. This is the moment party dances where invented for, nobody listens to this stuff at home but in a party it can pack the dance floor. However the DJ needs to be careful, at many parties a cheesy party dance tune will create a dance floor walk off.

Requests are always welcome and these help to build a party atmosphere, however there are times when discretion needs to be used. For instance at a kids party or the School disco it would be wrong for the DJ to play a record with graphic lyrics or inappropriate subject matter. It doesn't matter how high a record is in the charts or how many times it was requested some records can not be played. Likewise if it was a teenagers party with a music mix focused towards a younger age group, and one of the parents, who was propping up the bar asked for a tune that was past its play by date twenty years ago we would pretend not to have it. It might seem hash but its important to maintain continuity and play music that will get bums of seats. If you play a track for just one person everyone else's will hate it and start suggesting other more strange music requests. Instead of everyone joining in and sharing a party experience things will fragment. A party DJ always needs to remember, good party music is not the same as good music. For a local mobile disco in Enfield with highly experienced party DJs call Pro mobile disco, we are 100% reliable and have great rates for dj hire in the north London area.